Bulletin Examples

The following promotional pieces were designed to be multi-purpose.

As a receipt stuffer, this marketing item is designed as a “tag along” piece to gift receipts or thank you letters. They should be printed and stuffed inside the carrier envelope along with the receipt. We recommend that a receipt stuffer be included with every receipt one month per quarter.

As a bulletin insert, churches can include these pieces - customized with your name/address - in one bulletin per quarter.  They will direct constituents to your website where they can learn how to enhance their wills or trusts.

You can utilize any of these pieces below by ordering them directly from us or downloading a print quality version and saving to your desktop. If you order from us we will contact you to customize selected items to your ministry. Then we will have these items printed and shipped to your location on your behalf.

We can further simplify this by setting you up to automatically receive receipts on a recurring basis.  This option is very popular with our clients.  We simply send the proper amount of receipts to you on a regular basis, strategically alternating the theme.  For more information, (click here).

Format Usage:
Which format do you need?

  • Quark is normally used by your local professional printer.
  • PDF is used for viewing only and designed for easy distribution to other decision makers.
  • Custom printing -$.10 per piece -$300 set-up fee applies for orders under 3,000 pieces. Set up fee is progressively reduced for orders above 3,000 and eliminated for orders of 5,000 or more.

Note: click image to open high resolution PDF. Please be patient.

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